Literacy Practices


Playing teaches children how to think, imagine and express themselves.

  • Play is one of the primary ways young children learn about how the world works.
  • Parents are their young children’s favorite toy.
  • Play helps children practice putting their thoughts into words.
  • Play helps children learn to problem solve.


Activities to do with your Baby:

  • Play Peek-a-Boo with your baby.
  • Play with your baby’s hands and feet. Count toes and pretend to eat them up; kiss fingers.
  • Use your face as a toy. Show your baby all the things your face can do.
  • Let your baby use books like toys, as things to discover.

Activities to do with your Toddler:

  • Make toys out of empty boxes and other found items.
  • Play “Ring Around the Rosie” and “London Bridge.”
  • Help your child see and feel different shapes as you play, i.e. say “the ball is round.”
  • Provide open-ended toys, such as wooden blocks, that can spark imagination.


Activities to do with your Preschooler:

  • Encourage dramatic and pretend play by letting your child perform plays or puppet shows for you.
  • Give your child plenty of unstructured playtime.
  • Let your child dress up as a favorite book character. Ask questions that help her/him remember and retell stories.
  • Check out these websites for great resources for literacy practice of playing.

Playing Resources:

The following websites are great resources for the literacy practice of playing.

Puppy Quest

Help the ODD squad turn the puppies back into agents.



Attach of the Eraser

Help save Reader Valley from the Eraser.

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ABC Games

A variety of letter games from PBS Kids.

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Reading Games

A variety of reading games from PBS Kids.

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Get Ready to Read

Online games that mix stories and activities that explore early literacy skills.

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Mighty Book - Game, Giggles & Gags
Fun games and jokes and funny stories.

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Salt Lake County Library Game 
Learn more about the resources found at the Library.

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Mr. Rogers’ Neighborhood Games 

Enjoy games like Alphabet Door and Make a Story in Mister Rogers' neighborhood.

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Crazy Kitchen

Help Chef Leo make delicious food in his crazy kitchen.


Sunnie’s Letters

Help Sunnie learn the alphabet with her fun game Letters A to Z..

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Number Games

A variety of number games from PBS Kids.

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Learning Planet
Play the Alphabet Order game and choose the letter that comes next.

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