Literacy Practices


Singing is a natural way to teach children about words. The rhythms in song help children decipher individual sounds and syllables and helps children to decode print.

  • Children learn new and rare words by singing songs and nursery rhymes.
  • Singing to young children develops their language skills by focusing on intonation, rhythm, rhyme and speech patterns.
  • Singing together is a fun, bonding experience. Children enjoy all kinds of music.
  • Singing slows down language so children can hear the different sounds that make up words.


Activities to do with your Baby:

  • Hum and sing every day.
  • Sing a song just using syllables like “la, la, la.”
  • Sing your favorite Mother Goose and other nursery rhymes.
  • Play soft music and move rhythmically with your baby.


Activities to do with your Toddler:

  • Sing a song very slowly, then very fast, and then in a silly voice.
  • Sing a song about things you do every day.
  • Sing nursery rhymes so children can hear the different sounds in words.
  • Clap along to the rhythms in songs so children can hear the syllables in words.


Activities to do with your Preschooler:

  • Teach your child a new song and ask her/him to hum along as you sing it. Then see if she/he can sing the words with you.
  • Sing and dance with your child’s favorite music.
  • Sing a book or poem.
  • Check out these websites for great resources for literacy practice of singing.

Singing Resources:

The following websites are great resources for the literacy practice of singing.


Fingerplays are the perfect teaching tool for preschoolers!

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NIEHS - Sing-a-long

Discover song to sing with kids. This site includes the music and lyrics.



Songs for Teaching

A variety of songs, fingerplays, activity suggestions and song samples.

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Spin and Sing
Sing with Daniel about important social and emotional skills.



Guide to Preschool Songs
A collection of fun preschool songs to ouse with your kids.

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Mr. Rogers’ Neighborhood Songs 

These songs convey many of Mister Rogers' timeless messages.

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Colorado Public Libraries' librarians share singing skills.

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Mama Lisa’s World 

Songs from all over the world. Many have audio/video recordings.

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Mighty Book - Songs
Story songs with animated illustrations to go along with them.

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Monkey Monkey Music
Watch, listen and learn with educational Singer, songwriter Meridith Levande.

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