Literacy Practices


Talking to children teaches them the richness of language and helps them learn new words and information. Talk to children in the language you are most fluent in.

  • Children learn to understand and use language by listening to conversations around them.
  • Children learn to express themselves and learn how to have a conversation through talking.
  • Talking to children helps stimulate the brain and encourages curiosity.
  • Children learn new words and what they mean by listening to spoken language.


Activities to do with your Baby:

  • Narrate your day. Talk about what you are seeing and doing and don’t simplify your speech.
  • Encourage your baby’s coos, growls and gurgles.
  • Take your baby on a texture walk. Touch different items and describe what they feel like.
  • Put your baby’s hand on your mouth and make different sounds.


Activities to do with your Toddler:

  • Talk to your child. Listen, ask questions and give your child lots of time to respond.
  • Take a walk outdoors. Point out trees, flowers and birds.
  • While at the grocery store, find foods that begin with certain letters.
  • Use new, longer and more difficult words to build your child’s vocabulary.


Activities to do with your Preschooler:

  • "Read" picture books with no or few words with your child. Ask your child to help tell the story.
  • Repeat what your child says, but add new words to expand their vocabulary.
  • Set the dinner table together. Talk about what you will have for dinner.
  • Check out these websites for great resources for the literacy practice of talking.

Talking Resources:

The following websites are great resources for the literacy practice of talking.

Monkey Match

Match upper/lower case letters, beginning sounds or rhymes words.

Flash Required

Dub Cubs

Create funky music with rhyming words.

Flash Required

Blending Bowl

Football players crash together to make words.

Flash Required

Fuzzy Lion Ears

Listen to a word and fill in the missing sound.

Flash Required

Colorado Public Libraries' librarians share some fun rhymes. Several are in Spanish.

Flash Required

Arty’s Smarty Doors 

Play Door and More Store: Rhyming or Delightful and Dandy Doors: Letter Sounds

Flash Required

Messy Attic

Clean up the attic by choosing the picture that goes with the word.

Flash Required

Chicken Stacker

Identify words that have similar vowel sounds.

Flash Required

Lionels Talking Gizmo

Create your own sentence by changing the different words.

Flash Required

Storybird provides templates and artwork for creating digital stories.

Flash Required