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Literacy in Training Webquest for Parents:

An Internet Hotlist on Early Literacy
Funded by a Grant from the Utah Humanities Council

Introduction | Talking | Singing | Reading | Writing | Playing


Thank you for joining the Literacy In Training (LIT) webquest. This webquest will take you on a tour of the web. The tour will be focused on sites that support literacy skills and activities for young children and their parents, teachers and caregivers. This activity is for you to find helpful information from various websites. This activity is designed to focus on using information rather than just looking for it.
Are you ready to find and begin to use great resources you and your child will enjoy as they get ready to read? If so let's get started!

Utah Kids Ready to Read has identified five important, yet fun components of early literacy: Talking, Singing, Reading, Writing and Playing. UEN has created this webquest to help you: easily find useful online literacy based resources, to sample activities that support the 5 early literacy components, and keep the momentum going as you and your child begin the journey toward literacy.

By participating in this webquest, we hope you will find additional ways to bring reading readiness resources to your family.
In addition to using books and magazines to find out about Early Literacy, why not also use the power of the Internet? The links below will get you started.


  • Storybook Adventure
    Listen to the Storybook Adventure book and talk to your child about the new word they are learned.

  • Rhyming Together
    Learn some fun ways to talk and rhyme that encourage literacy.

  • Storybirds
    Storybird provides templates and artwork for creating digital stories. To use Storybird you simply select a theme (layout) then drag and drop the drawings you like into your story. Once you've selected drawings for your story, have your child tell you about the picture. You then write in the text of your story.


  • Letter Songs
    Find the letters in child's name and listen to the songs about each letter.

  • Monkey Monkey Music
    Watch a video and see how music helps children learn concepts.

  • Story Songs
    Listen to one or all of the story songs.




Free Book

After you complete the above activities, complete the survey and a free book will be sent to you. The free book is made possible by a generous grant from the Utah Humanities Council.

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