Literacy Practices


Writing is reading put into action. Children learn important skills by writing and drawing.

  • Writing and reading represent spoken words and communicate information.
  • Children learn writing by scribbling and drawing.   
  • Writing helps children become aware that the printed letters and words have meaning.
  • Writing helps children understand that written words represent ideas, places and events.


Activities to do with your Baby:

  • Play with different shaped blocks to teach how shapes work.
  • Practice fingerplays and action rhymes to help build fine motor skills.
  • Look for and point out circles, squares and triangles around the house.

Activities to do with your Toddler:

  • Outline large letters on a page with your finger and then let your toddler do the same.
  • Make letters out of play dough and trace letters in sand.
  • When your child shows you his "writing" (scribbles on a page) have him read it to you.
  • Provide materials such as markers and crayons for scribbling.


Activities to do with your Preschooler:

  • Provide materials for drawing and writing.
  • Draw pictures together and have your child tell a story about her/his picture.
  • Let your child “sign” her/his name to drawings.
  • Check out these websites for great resources for literacy practice of writing.

Writing Resources:

The following websites are great resources for the literacy practice of writing.

First School

Worksheets to present the alphabet and reinforce letter recognition and writing skills.


Upper Case Letters

Watch upper case letters being written.

Flash Required


Watch shapes being drawn.

Flash Required

Pre-Printing Skills Practice

Activities that help fine-motor skills needed for forming letters.


Letter Dance Party 

Big Bird and Snuffy are having an alphabet dance party. Trace the letters to invite them to the party.


Worksheet Lab

Printable pre-writing skill activities for preschool and kindergarten children.

PDF Viewer Required

Enchanted Learning

Printouts to practice writing letters and numbers.


Lower Case Letters

Watch lower case letters being written.

Flash Required

Paint by Letter  
Paint a picture with Alpha Pig using letters.


Create a Story
Choose a pictures and write a story.

Flash Required